Lincoln Festival of History

Saturday 4th to Monday 6th May

A brand new event for 2024, a captivating journey through the ages as we celebrate the rich history of Lincoln.

As part of City of Lincoln Council’s ongoing events programme, a new festival celebrating our historic city is set to launch in May. 

This city-wide celebration of history and heritage will transport visitors and residents alike to pivotal moments in Lincoln’s past. 

Experience thrilling historical reenactments at Lincoln Castle, engage with living history and captivating tales at the Museum of Lincolnshire Life and delve into the exciting treasures of the Lincoln Museum. 

Whether you’re a history enthusiast, a curious explorer or simply seeking a memorable day out – this multi day experience is for you.

Festival Zones

The Lincoln Festival of History will be split into zones, allowing you to explore different areas of the city throughout the weekend.

The Colosseum Quarter will take you back in time to a Roman encampment. There will be living history displays in St Paul in the Bail and Castle Square, alongside traditional Roman crafts and immersive pop-up performances – including gladiator battles!   


Join the workers in the Viking Mint zone with crafts and pop-up battle sequences throughout the day.

Activities include:

  • Viking Coin (Pewter) making workshops
    Have a go at making your own viking replica coin using historic techniques.
  • Calligraphy
    Try your hand at authentic Viking calligraphy in the living history area.
  • Games
    Challenge a Viking to an authentic board game.
  • Armoury
    Check out the Viking’s weapons of choice and size up some body armour for a photograph.
  • Jewellery
    Watch as the Vikings craft jewellery and showcase traditional metalwork techniques right in front of your eyes.
  • Combat displays
    Prepare for thrilling clashes between rival Vikings in the arena space. Exciting combat displays will be scheduled throughout the weekend.
  • Shield Making workshops
    Bring your mini Vikings along to this craft workshop where they can make their own shields to take home.


Visit the 1st century ‘Vicus’ to meet the tradespeople and artisans that would have lived and worked in Lindum Colonia.
At this market, you will have the chance to learn more about how the Roman world was built from some of UK’s finest historical demonstrators and crafts people. 

The market will be open between 11am – 5pm daily, and you can meet:

  • The Blacksmith
    The Romans were masters of metalworking, creating everything from swords to spoons. The Roman Blacksmith will be keeping many irons in the fire, visit him to find out more about this traditional trade.
  • The Baker
    The Roman baker produced various types of bread, including the famous ‘Panis Quadratus’ which was found in the ruins of Pompeii and Herculaneum. Visit him to find out more about what ingredients he uses – and how he got dough to rise 2,000 years ago!
  • The Tiler
    Do you know your Tegula from your Imbex? From the floor of your house to the hidden heating system underneath it, tiling was an integral trade in Roman times – especially if you wanted to keep warm and dry! Come and learn more about this vital skill from the Tiler himself.
  • The Decorator
    The interiors of Roman houses were often brightly painted, using natural pigments and materials to create different colours and intricate designs. Take a look at some of the examples with the decorator and you may be surprised at how the citizens of Lindum added colour to their lives and homes.
  • The Carpenter
    Carpentry work was needed across the entire empire – and Lincoln is lucky to have a lot of surviving ancient timber. Using reproduction tools and equipment based on originals found deep beneath our feet, you’ll be able to take a look at various tools, including a Roman workmate!
  • The Weaver
    Creating everything from garments to homeware, a weaver turns natural materials into beautiful items. The weaver will demonstrate how to make baskets, hats, and bags, using traditional techniques from when Lindum was a bustling shopping centre.
  • The Potter
    The Roman potter produced a wide range of goods, using influences from across the empire. Whether you need a few more oil lamps to light the home or some posh Samian Ware for that all-important dinner party, you’ll find plenty of pottery options here.


Whether you’re a budding archaeologist or fancy having a go at a medieval sport – this interactive zone is for you!

  • Axe throwing
    Try your hand at axe throwing in the Realm of Relics zone where “The Snake Rooms” will be bringing their cages for the public to have a go! Do you have what it takes to defend Lincoln and hit bullseye? (pay-to-play activity)
  • Dig pits
    Uncover artefacts in the Realm of the Relics dig pits with “Up An At Em’ History”. Learn how the archaeologists reveal wonders from the past by having a go yourself! (free activity)

Join us as we unlock the past and celebrate the legacy of Lincoln – where history comes to life.

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